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Gum Crime - Statistics

Local authorities spend 150 million a year removing chewing gum from our pavements at a cost to the tax payer. Chewing gum is now classified as permanent litter until painstakingly removed by specialist companies.

The removal of chewing gum deposit is proving to be a bottomless financial pit for local authorities.  Every year, the UK alone spend more than £150 Million to remove encrusted gum from our streets of Britain while the annual cleaning budget for London is over £5 million alone.

More than 374 Billion pieces of gum are produced every year that represents 3 million tonnes consumed worldwide.  As every piece of discarded gum takes two minutes to remove and five years to decompose, the chewing gum has become a problem for local authorities.  Even if it may well be a tasty treat, it is a particularly worldwide “sticky” problem when it comes to keeping public areas clean.



Street Cleaning                                             

UK Nationwide cleaning Services Ltd specialise in large scale high temperature street cleaning and can deliver a complete transformation to whole Town and City landscapes or any type of public realm efficiently and within a speedy time frame.


High temperature deep cleaning will improve and often remove years of use and abuse that Town`s and City`s particularly heavily trafficked public areas often decline to.


Fully equipped with market leading equipment our operatives will deliver a skilled experienced and totally managed service that will restore any type of public space back to an excellent quality restoring standards previously lost.


High temperature deep cleaning will result in an immediate and noticeable impact removing years of dirt, detritus, gum deposits, fast food grease and most surface contaminants creating public areas offering a better visiting experience.



Chewing Gum Removal

Most consumers dispose of their Chewing Gum responsibly however where Chewing Gum is dropped onto pavements it sticks firmly to the surface as it dries. Chewing Gum does not break down over time and so the deposits gradually accumulate creating a decline of the area and leaving a visual appearance of “permanent litter”


Whatever your requirements, whether larger City landscape public realm, Retail and leisure parks or even the entrance to the local leisure centre our experienced teams will remove all unsightly Chewing Gum deposits that litter your streets or premises.


High Level Cleaning  


During the past decade we have delivered High level cleaning services to a broad portfolio of clients with requirements covering:

·         External cladding vertical elevations.

·         Internal high level.

·         Environmental hygiene high level.

·         Glass Atriums – internal and external.

·         Roofs.

·         Commercial Guttering.


All Staff are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) qualified and hold the appropriate Construction Skills Certification. We are rigorously compliant with Health and Safety regulations and hold an appropriate high value insurance policy available for your inspection.


Whatever your business, whatever your requirements, industrial, food manufacturer retail or leisure, internal or external we offer service for a single once only clean to full maintenance contracts. We carry out all necessary works to satisfy your full requirements.

Our high level cleaning service is safe, cost effective and delivers very noticeable results.



Surface Protection


Our Surface protection is a market leading quality product treatment manufactured in association with a world renowned supplier.  Our product is a solvent free impregnation suitable for all types of porous applications for example, buildings, public realm street scape environments and historical monuments.  Our past client base ranges from major construction companies for example, Skanska, Birse, Carillion, Mace plus numerous local authorities and has also been supplied to many UK iconic land marks.


Our solvent free impregnation will not alter the surface appearance and is manufactured to protect from excessive staining whilst assisting with ongoing daily maintenance cleaning regimes.


Our High performance surface treatments provide a shield against food staining, grease penetration, oil, diesel, algae and moss formation, and can help with reducing chewing gum adhesion.  The application will prolong surface life, maintains aesthetics, and allows the surface to be cleaned more efficiently and much higher standards can be maintained.


Graffiti Removal/Protection and Maintenance


Our country has been blighted for numerous years with a large scale problem of graffiti which is large drain on public spending.


Many organisations employ us on a regular basis.  With maintenance visits keeping areas cleaner, tidier and thus less prone to vandalism. 

Prevention is clearly better than the cure we can also offer protective coatings for areas prone to graffiti.

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