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Gum Crime - Statistics

Local authorities spend 150 million a year removing chewing gum from our pavements at a cost to the tax payer. Chewing gum is now classified as permanent litter until painstakingly removed by specialist companies.

The removal of chewing gum deposit is proving to be a bottomless financial pit for local authorities.  Every year, the UK alone spend more than £150 Million to remove encrusted gum from our streets of Britain while the annual cleaning budget for London is over £5 million alone.

More than 374 Billion pieces of gum are produced every year that represents 3 million tonnes consumed worldwide.  As every piece of discarded gum takes two minutes to remove and five years to decompose, the chewing gum has become a problem for local authorities.  Even if it may well be a tasty treat, it is a particularly worldwide “sticky” problem when it comes to keeping public areas clean.


Having recently received instruction to manage this highly popular Retail Park, high on our client priority list was the urgent need to upgrade the quality of the appearance that in recent times had begun to look a little overdue.


To deliver a comprehensive overhaul of the external areas it was decided that a full site deep clean of the paved areas along with a high level clean of the High entranceway Towers would restore much of the sites standard.


A hard landscape deep clean to around 3,500 sq metres of Public Area paving along with a 17 High level Tower clean was delivered in just two overnight shifts resulting in a significant and highly noticeable improvement in the appearance of the site.

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