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Gum Crime - Statistics

Local authorities spend 150 million a year removing chewing gum from our pavements at a cost to the tax payer. Chewing gum is now classified as permanent litter until painstakingly removed by specialist companies.

The removal of chewing gum deposit is proving to be a bottomless financial pit for local authorities.  Every year, the UK alone spend more than £150 Million to remove encrusted gum from our streets of Britain while the annual cleaning budget for London is over £5 million alone.

More than 374 Billion pieces of gum are produced every year that represents 3 million tonnes consumed worldwide.  As every piece of discarded gum takes two minutes to remove and five years to decompose, the chewing gum has become a problem for local authorities.  Even if it may well be a tasty treat, it is a particularly worldwide “sticky” problem when it comes to keeping public areas clean.




Aberdeen City Council    March 2012

 Union Street 14,000 square metres – Deep clean and protective impregnation

After some very lengthy and detailed discussions with Aberdeen City Council the eventual outcome was that the famous Aberdeen location Union Street was selected as a prime location for some much needed attention.

Being exactly one mile long and siting double site locations of recognised High Street brand stores this is undoubtedly a busy retail environment.

Add in to the mix a multitude of restaurants, Pubs very busy nightclubs and it could be said that Union Street is a major mix of very busy retail, restaurants and night time economy. Some detailed planning to accommodate the variety of commercial activities was essential.

Union Street is undoubtedly a continuous major route through the city and is subjected to some enormous foot flow.

The result of this never ending activity is unfortunately the wear and tear that any large city experiences.

The decision to remedy this was to deliver a high temperature paving deep clean to include associated street fixtures and structures to penetrate the deeply ingressed staining, dirt and general detritus. Additionally to include the removal of the heavily impacted high volume of chewing gum that had built up over time.

To follow on the deep clean a protective impregnation was applied to the freshly cleaned areas to create a protective barrier and inhibit further deeply ingressed staining. This will aid the City Council in maintaining a higher standard during their routine daily street maintenance.

Much to the delight and satisfaction of our client, with good planning and some support from many businesses along Union Street, also added in to the project some remarkable March weather the programme of works ran to schedule and was completed in five nights.


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